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Soup Subscriptions!

Starting December 9th Radish Kitchen will be offering a seasonal soup subscription through April 3rd. This subscription includes 5 different soups in 16oz glass reusable jars available for free pickup in store or for delivery to Peoria and Bloomington. We are also offering options for 4 or 3 portions of 16oz soups if preferred. All soups are gluten-free, but you can add a loaf of non gluten-free bread to come with your order, or if you are sticking to gluten-free you can add rice. Every order comes with 1 specialty surprise dessert every week – all gluten-free! These desserts may be 4″ two layer cakes, chzcakes, cookies, cream pies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, or more. 

To find a full list of soups for each month subscribe to our patreon at patreon.com/radishkitchen where the menu will be posted the first of every month. To omit and double up on soups available that week you must email info@radishkitchen.org by Saturday at 12:00PM otherwise we will give you one of each soup or select the soups for you.

Delivery to Peoria will be Monday afternoons. Delivery to Bloomington will be Tuesday mornings. Pickup will be available Tuesday at Radish Kitchen from 11AM to 8PM.

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