Located in Central Illinois – Peoria Area

Fork and Beans


Fork & Beans is a vegan dinner party series hosted by Radish Kitchen. This monthly fine dining event aims to build community through collaboration with other businesses, artists, groups, and individuals in the Heart of Illinois. Each month, we create a new event that shines a light on the mission, passions, expertise, and vision of an individual or group in Peoria. Fork & Beans also gives us at Radish Kitchen an opportunity to create high-quality, organic, vegan meals that we otherwise couldn’t prepare and serve during normal business hours. Each event includes a three-course meal served with an accompanying juice pairing. The meals are intended to complement the experience our guest is offering to you.

Mind, Body, Full with YogiJanie:
Join us for a unique yoga, community, and dining event at Peoria’s Only Vegan restaurant, Radish Kitchen! This event is sure to fill your heart, mind, body, and bellies. Yogijanie will first lead the group through a Spring themed, full-body, yoga flow suitable for all yogis. The yoga class will beautifully set the stage for a three-course meal provided by Raddish Kitchen. Throughout the evening Janie will sprinkle in intentional moments, conversations, and connection points to ensure a unique yoga and dining experience.

Spring Sweet Potato Timbale
Roasted sweet potatoes, avocado mash, seasoned quinoa, and radish sprouts from Pumpkin Village Farms
Juice: cucumber, mint, apple, ginger

Carrot “Bacon” Wrapped Vegan Scallops with Potato & Radish Mash
Carrots marinated in coconut aminos, smoked paprika, liquid smoke, maple syrup, cumin, chili powder, cayenne, ACV wrapped around Broken Tree’s King Oyster Mushrooms. Served in a lemon garlic cream sauce with steamed broccoli, green apples, and herbed potato and radish mash
Juice: beet, carrot, turmeric, apple

Coconut White Chocolate Crème Brûlée
Coconut and cashew cream melted with raw organic cacao butter
Juice: orange, red apple, ginger, star anise