Located in Central Illinois – Peoria Area

Radish Kitchen Peoria

Radish Kitchen is a plant-based and vegan hub for the Heart of Illinois

Radish Kitchen will continue the operation of pre-ordered meals in addition to grab-and-go meals, made-to-order meals, bulk vegan items, vegan and plant-based products from local vendors, bulk teas, fresh juice, soups, and more. In addition, Radish Kitchen will host a monthly dinner party called Fork and Beans in collaboration with a different artist, small business, not-for-profit organization, or person working in Peoria each month. The intention of the dinner parties is to highlight different people in Peoria, bring the community together to learn and grow, and share a three-course meal together


My goal is to provide affordable, nutritious and filling meals to people who are interested in plant-based eating.

- Jam Rohr

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